General Information

Important Dates

STUDENT/STAFF HOLIDAY                  
Drama Club Mtg 3:30
NJHS Mtg 3:30 (Café)

Volleyball vs Richards
      7th @Richards 5:30, 6:30
      8th@Bailey 5:30, 6:30
6th Grade Social 3:30 – 5:00***Tickets will be sold Wed-Fri during lunch for $5, this includes pizza, drink and dessert. There will be music, dancing and raffle prizes.



Bailey Newsgroup

Each week Bailey sends out our weekly calendar along with any important announcements. This is a great way to stay connected with your child's school. We only send out information we feel is pertinent to your student's education.

We will be using a Google Newsgroup this year. Please click here:Bailey Newsgroup (when the link opens, select "open this content in a new window)to subscribe.

The iContact system we used 2013-2014 will expire in August, so please subscribe to the Google Newsgroup to ensure you do not miss any school communication.

Thank you!

For questions regarding the content of the newsletter, or to inquire about adding announcements, reply to the newsgroup email or contact Cicely Bega (cicely.bega@austinisd.org).



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** Backpacks CAN be carried throughout the day until your locker is issued from your advisory teacher. Once you have a locker, all backpacks should remain in your locker until the end of the day.

Morning Procedures

When our doors open at 7:45am, studens will now be waiting in different areas based on their grade level. ALL students are welcome to eat breakfast, but they must go straight to their grade level waiting are when they are done eating.

6th Grade - Hallway outside of cafetera (near fine arts classrooms)

7th Grade - Small Gym

8th Grade - Large Gym

Student will start heading to classrooms around 8:05. The tardy bell still rings at 8:15.

Thank you for your cooperation!


All students are required to purchase a BDR. The cost is $5. We will sell based on grade level the first week of school, then continue the sale through 9/3 for any students who did not purchase on their grade level day. Tables will be set up in the area where each grade level wait before school and we will sell from 7:45 - 8:05. We will only accept cash. Please see the schedule below and remember to send $5 with your student on their grade level sale day.

Tuesday 8/2 - All Remaining Students

Wednesday 8/3 - All Remaining Students

Thursday 8/4 - All Remaining Students

Friday 8/5 - All Remaining Students

BDRs are required for ALL students. Advisory teachers will begin checking them to ensure they are filled out each day. Please encourage your students to purchase their BDR this week before school.



Students are encouraged to have an organizational system that works best for them.

Some examples include:

  • A binder with space for the student agenda (Bailey Daily Runner), some loose leaf paper and tabs for each subject.
  • Pocket folders for each class with one folder dedicated to store homework until it is turned in.
  • An accordion file or folder to organize homework.

NJHS at Bailey

The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society is:
• To create enthusiasm for Scholarship
• To stimulate a desire to render Service
• To promote Leadership
• To develop Character
• To encourage Citizenship
The NJHS chapter at Bailey Middle School proudly honors students each spring with membership in the National Junior Honor Society. To get more information about how to become a member or what the membership requirements are please visit our chapter website at http://Teacherweb.com/TX/BaileyMiddleSchool/njhs/. The sponsor for the Carpe Diem Chapter is Dawnita Nix. Contact her at dnix@austinisd.org or 512-841-3760.


Please keep your student's contact information up to date

Bailey parents, please ensure the office has current contact information for your student. If you have any email, phone or address changes please email Nancy Sosa (nancy.sosa@austinisd.org).

It is important we are able to reach you for emergencies.



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