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Awarded RUNNER-UP in the competition for "The Unisys Prize for achievement in Online Science Education!" The Austin Nature and Science Center and Baranoff Elementary thank the institutional and corporate sponsors of National Public Science Day 2000.
BEST KIDS' SCIENCE WEB PAGE - "Pond Scum" is going to mean a whole lot more than a nasty grade school slur after your young one visits this site! ... a splay-toed THUMBS UP! -- Critics Picks, The Austin Chronicle

pic 1

Mr. Stryker's 5th grade class, the SCIENTISTS, at Baranoff Elementary in Austin, Texas, invites you into our backyard! Come in and review what we've done with our study of the pond just beyond the playground on our school's property. We call this project FOND of PONDS!

This pond became a part of the filtration system for the drainage runoff of the upper part of our neighborhood. We began what we hope will become a continuing stewardship of this decades old stock pond left on the school property.

pic 2

pic 3

Runoff has been routed to a city constructed, cement encircled, holding pond. From there it drains to a secondary pond, and then to the primary pond. When and if the main pond overflows, the runoff is routed into a large ditch that runs along the south side of the school [pic 2 - west, toward the pond, and 3 - east toward the school].

Our question concerns how the pond ecosystem will be affected over time by this plan. Regardless, we intend to work toward assuring the pond will remain a healthy wetland area. Is there something Baranoff students could do? We will establish a routine monitoring system and become an information resource for citizens interested in learning about the pond.

pic 4 - school: orange (left), ponds: blue (right).

Before you begin your review of our site, try taking our POND QUIZ. Take the quiz again AFTER your visit to see if your score improves - GOOD LUCK!

This quiz, as any other part of our Web book, will change as our project continues. We invite classes and individual students to send us new quiz questions as well as suggestions to improve our site.

If you're ready to go, review the map to the right [pic 4], (thanks for the map to Eric Harris, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department) and get started. You can "mouse-over" the Table of Contents, top left, to view chapter topics. Recheck the chapter topic upon arrival to each page - some chapters, such as Field Trips, have more than one section.

Please continue to follow along with us as we add to our website and proceed with our study. If you have any questions, suggestions, or contributions, CONTACT US !

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