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Fun Day 2000


Organisms: Fish

On December 18th, we got our fishing equipment together and went to the pond to catch fish [pic 1] for the tank in the library and to document the fish in the pond. The first bait we used was corn and turkey, but the bait kept slipping off the hook. We tried using ham, and it worked just fine.

The only type of fish we caught were Green Sunfish, or perch (according A GOLDEN GUIDE TO POND LIFE) [pic 2]. These fish were too big for the tank in the library [pics 3 and 4], so we caught fish with a net [pic 5]. We caught about 15 fish with Matt's cast net - 3 Green Sunfish, all about three inches and the rest were minnows. We only kept the minnows and the one inch long perch. When we were done catching fish, we took them to the library, put them in the tank [pic 6], and fed them frozen brine shrimp from the pet store. At first the fish were very still as if they were scared and afraid to move. After a while, they began to swim around and explore their new habitat.

On December 29, we went out again to sample the fish in our pond [pic 7]. We know there are bass in the pond because we've seen them. They look long and slender with black stripes and are really quick. They're more cautious than perch or minnows. We've seen them, but they don't stay in one place for a long enough time to really study them.

Greg went fishing for the first time and caught his first fish [pic 8]. He was with his dad and he was really excited. The second fish he caught pooped on his dad's hand. We all had a great time doing this sort of scientific research [pic 9]!


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