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Our Namesake

Timy Genrich Baranoff was born and raised in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, and married Mort Baranoff in 1944 while he was in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Mort later became a professor of art at The University of Texas at Austin.  This career move settled the couple and their two children in Austin.

Timy earned her bachelor of science degree in elementary education from The University of Texas at Austin in 1963.  She also earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in 1970 and a Ph.D. in 1974, both from UT Austin.  Her first position with AISD was teaching kindergarten at Casis Elementary School. Dedicated to teaching, she held this position for 12 years and spent three of her summers as a professor at Trinity University in San Antonio.

In 1975, Timy left Casis to become the Primary Instructional Coordinator for AISD.  She would later also become the District’s Early Childhood Coordinator.  The District took notice of Timy’s unwavering dedication to education and appointed her Director of Curriculum for Elementary Education.  From 1992 to 1993, Timy held her last position for AISD as Director of Special Projects.  Although she retired in 1993, Timy has not stopped caring about Austin students and their education. To this day, Timy is still impacting education in Austin by serving as an education consultant and a community volunteer.

Since her arrival in Austin, Timy has volunteered with numerous education-related organizations. She served as the president of For the Children from 1987 to 1994, was a member of the Child Care Council, Connections Resource, Center, and the Campus Leadership Team, and also worked with special committees such as the Rising Star Writing Conference an Thrive by Five.

Timy has been member of several professional organizations, such as Delta Kappa Gamma, Phi Delta Kappa, Austin Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.  She is currently the president of the Austin Retired Teachers Association.

When an educator contributes such amazing efforts in the hopes of bettering student lives, it does not go unnoticed. Timy Baranoff has received several awards and recognitions throughout her career.  She was the recipient of the Sallie Beth Moore Award, L.D. Haskew Award, Outstanding Elementary Teachers of America Award, and Senior Volunteer Award, just to name a few. All of these awards honored Timy for her advancement of elementary education and service to the Austin community.

“Timy is a very child-focused individual. Her entire life has been dedicated to young people and their education,” says Debra Sansom, Baranoff Elementary's first principal.

Being selected by District Trustees as the name for a new Austin elementary school is a very prestigious honor. Timy shared her feelings about receiving such a recognition, in a poem, with the students of Baranoff Elementary.

...I sat still for a moment and thought what that meant
To receive such an honor was indeed a special event
It was amazing, incredible, my heart gave a leap,
I couldn’t breathe for a moment, then I thought,
‘there’d be promises to keep’...

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