We love volunteers in our school. All BHE volunteers must complete a brief  “principals’ training” session and sign a confidentiality agreement.  You may view the training PowerPoint online  For returning volunteers who’ve done the principal’s training and have a signed confidentiality agreement on file at the school, you do not need to repeat the training.

Barton Hills Elementary welcomes ALL volunteers!  We feel it is vital to the thriving nature of our school to have members of the community partner with our incredible students.  We do require, along with AISD, that all volunteers participate in a background check before they begin working with our students.Background checks are performed through Austin Partners in Education (APIE).  Directions to apply for your background check are available by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this page.  Important note: Barton Hills requires background checks for all volunteers - especially those attending, and/or driving on Field Trips.  Field Trip chaperones and/or drivers MUST pass a specific background check before they can attend the Field Trip.  This Field Trip background check is not the same as the standard volunteer (for the classrooms or mentors) check - it is an additional process.  This specialized background check for Field Trips takes TWO WEEKS to be fully run and registered.  These specialized checks can not be expedited!  

Once you have been cleared by: 1- APIE's background check and 2- Ms. Ewing please sign up for specific Field Trips through your child's classroom teacher.  Clearing the background check is just the first step in Field Trip attendance.  Your child's classroom teacher will assign parent chaperones/drivers in accordance with their particular classroom policies.  Ms. Ewing's APIE verification DOES NOT mean that you can automatically attend a particular Field Trip. Thank you for your understanding!  

ALL background checks are only good for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR and must be renewed by the volunteer EVERY SCHOOL YEAR! Act now!  Click the button below!

Austin Partners in Education: http://austinpartners.force.com/FindOpportunities

1. in left-hand column, click on ‘Search by School.’  Select Barton Hills, click orange Search button.

2.  click on an Opportunity – even if it is not one you necessarily want to do – more opportunities will be up soon
3.  type in your email
4.  authorize to do a background check
5.  complete and submit registration form
6.  when background check clears they will notify the school
7.  the school will notify you as soon as you clear

Questions? Contact our Librarian, Tara Ewing