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Welcome to Brentwood,
we are currently revising our website.

Here are some helpful ways you can

show caring for our community:

Buy H.E.B. & Randall's Grocery Cards

Grocery card program has started, Randallls will donate 5%of your
grocery card purchases and HEB/Central Market will donate 4%. Grocery cards

are purchased through the PTA once a month. You purchase a $50 or

$100 gift card, good for its full face value in grocery purchases,

and the store rebates their percentage to the PTA. These gift cards

spend like money, but cannot be redeemed for cash. To order send checks to

your child's teacher labeled "PTA Grocery Cards" or contact

Karrie Mannella at karriemannella@aol.com.

Clip out Boxtops for Education or Shop Online

Clip out "Boxtops" from specially-labeled food products. Students can "purchase"

small items from our "Boxtops School Store" on Friday mornings before school, or

you can drop off your Boxtops in the bin in the main hallway near the office. You

can even earn money for Brentwood by shopping online through the Boxtops website.Find more at www.boxtops4education.com.

Visit our Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center is now open and located in the Teacher's Lounge.

The Volunteer Center is for parents to help teachers prepare

instructional materials, i.e. copy, laminate, cut, etc. This will

enable teachers to spend their Planning Time *planning* If you have

time please stop by and see if there is any work to do. Remember to log your volunteer

hours in at the office. Brentwood gets matching $$ and community volunteers.

Join our Fundraising Team

There is a small team of fundraisers trying to get local business donations

for Brentwood. If you would like to approach even one business--or a private

citizen--they would be happy to send you the pledge form and the cover letter.

This would, of course, include friends, relatives, and employers. The donations

are tax-deductible,and if it's a business we will publicize their name to parents.

Contact Susanna Sharpe at sansharpe@aol.com

Join PTA

Contact one of our PTA officers or come to a meeting to learn

more about what's happening at our school. Or subcribe to our "Bulldog Bark"

email list to stay in touch with what's going on each week at Brentwood.


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