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34 years of

"Learning, Sharing, Teaching, Caring"


Tiled crocodile designed by Mrs. Kathleen Abbott, our Art teacher and our 2003 Cook Teacher of the Year


Cook's 2006-2007 Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability rating:


School Demographics:

17.9% African American

74.7% Hispanic

5.3% White

1.9% Asian

96% Economically Disadvantaged

61% Limited English Proficient

Katherine Cook Elementary School

1511 Cripple Creek

Austin, TX 78758

(512) 414-2510


School Hours:


School Name:

Cook Elementary School, built in 1974, was named after a much loved teacher, Katherine A. Cook. Ms. Cook became well known in the community as a music teacher. She also served as principal of the original Wooldridge School here in the Austin Independent School District. She was an active member of Delta Kappa Gamma, a professional organization for women educators.

Many of her professional keepsakes are on display in the Cook entry hall.

Katherine A. Cook

1892 -1977

Mission Statement:

The mission of Katherine A. Cook Elementary School, through quality teaching, parent involvement, and
community support, is to provide all students the skills necessary to be productive and responsible members of society!

Bluebonnets growing in the student maintained butterfly garden.

School Goals:

Cook students will surpass state and local standards of academic achievement.

Cook students will demonstrate responsible citizenship, reflective of a positive school climate.

Community and parental involvement will increase at Cook Elementary School.









Just Make a Crocodile

Out of Me

(tune: "Watermelon Song")


Just make a crocodile out of me and let the pride (yea, Cook!) show through!

Just make a crocodile out of me, that's all I ask of you.

Now Austin has schools that spread out far and wide,

But none of them have our super crocodile pride.

Just make a crocodile out of me, and let the pride (yea, Cook!) show through!


We've got pride, we've got style, Just thinkin' about Cook School makes us smile!


Just make a crocodile out of me, and let the pride ( yea, Cook!) show through!



words by: Diane Steele, former Cook music teacher from 1983-1999

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