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Faculty & Staff

We have a supportive and diverse staff at Cunningham. All of our educators are dedicated to providing meaningful and challenging learning experiences focusing on students' strengths through the use of exemplary teaching and high expectations. Our teachers strive to foster the development of a positive attitude in all students, which will provide them with a hope for a bright future and inspire them to be the best they can be.

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Teacher of the Year

2015-2016 School Year = Taylor Raley
2014-2015 School Year = Martha Ortiz
2013-2014 School Year = Sylvia Alkis
2012-2013 School Year = Michael Griffin
2011-2012 School Year = Emily Smith
2010-2011 School Year = Angie Fields
2009-2010 School Year = Julia Saucedo
2008-2009 School Year = Stephanie Bahnmiller
2007-2008 School Year = Heather Chapman
2006-2007 School Year = Marilyn Calliham
2005-2006 School Year = Susan Werst
2004-2005 School Year = Kimberly Cook
2003-2004 School Year = Caroline Fairlee (Mary)
2002-2003 School Year = Patricia Elias
2001-2002 School Year = Marge Crowe

New Teacher of Promise

2014-2015 School Year = Jessica Garcia
2010-2011 School Year = Matthew Benoit
2008-2009 School Year = Melinda Castillo
2007-2008 School Year = Taylor Alexander Raley
2005-2006 School Year = Stefanie Nguyen
2004-2005 School Year = Katy Dickerson