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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are collection of frequently asked questions. If you don't see your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can happily answer your question. Thanks!

Where can I find a current Supply List?

It's located in the "Important Documents" section on our website.

What is Cunningham's enrollment?

We have a current enrollment of approximately 520 students.

What time does school start?

Classes begin at 7:45 AM.

What time are students released for the day?

Students are dismissed at 3:00 PM. Please check with your child's teacher to see where they dismiss.

Can parents visit campus anytime?

We invite parents to observe and participate in their child's education. AISD policy requires that all visitors check-in at the front office for campus safety, to get an ID sticker. Without one, you'll be stopped and redirected back to our office. To maximize undisrupted learning, contact your child's teacher first to find the best times to visit and to find out what opportunities exist for parent support in that classroom. It's also fun to visit your child at lunchtime! (And, remember to check in at the office before going into the cafeteria.)

What information do you need if my child misses a day due to illness?

We need your child at school everyday, all day! Please make doctor's appointments and keep family responsibilities outside of the school day. If absolutely necessary, a doctor's or parent's note, including the child's name, date absent, grade, and teacher, is required in order to mark the illness as excused.

How do you handle tardy arrivals?

We need your child at school everyday, all day! Students go straight to class if tardy, and provide the teacher with a reason for their lateness. If they have been at an emergency doctor's appointment, they should get a note from the doctor and send it to the office to change the unexcused tardy to an excused tardy. Missing any part of the school day is considered tardy, either in the morning or leaving early at the end of the day. Accumulated tardies and absences will start of system of letters coming in the mail from AISD and then contacts from our campus. Repeated tardies or absences will require the possible scenarios: a campus meeting, a plan for improvement, parenting classes and without improvement comes court action with fines. Please do your best to bring your child everyday, all day!

Can I pay for my child's lunch online?

Yes. You can set up an account for your chld at: MyLunchMoney.com. You may also go directly to the cafeteria and add money to your child's lunch account.

How can I support the Cobra PTA?

We would love to have your help and support. Visit our Cobra PTA website.

How can I support the Green Club?

We would love to have your help and support. Please contact Lauren Maples at (512) 413-6231 or visit the PEAS Farm website.