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What is MicroSociety?

MicroSociety Inc.'s program uses teamwork exercises, service learning, and other activities to help students become responsible, caring, and productive citizens in a community of their own design. Snack time can turn into a student-run restaurant; older students conduct tutoring sessions to help younger ones with homework at Micro University; budding novelists write books and short stories, and behavior infractions are reviewed in a court room of student leaders. Arts & Crafts and other clubs become a series of entrepreneurial ventures. The gym becomes a wellness center. At the town meeting, the student mayor is making sure all the citizens are happy with their elected government. It's financial literacy and it's civic engagement. It's entrepreneurial education and it's service learning. It's recreation plus academics. Most importantly, it's fun while it improving students' academic and social skills.

More information about MicroSociety available at MicroSociety.org.