At Linder Elementary School academics is very important to us. We teach language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies skills.

We use the AISD Bureau of Curriculum & Instruction to maximize student success.

Language Arts

At Linder Elementary School we use a balanced literacy approach to the teaching of reading and writing. Balanced literacy provides structures and supports that enable all students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and habits needed to meet or exceed the standards in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Teaching and learning are active social processes. Learning environments are organized for effort so that thinking is modeled and analyzed and all students are provided with coaching and feedback. Instruction is scaffolded with the goal of guiding all students toward independence.


Students at Linder will acquire the mathematics knowledge and skills necessary to be productive, successful, and fulfilled citizens. We believe:

  • Our curriculum supports learning through exploration and solving real-world problems across all grade levels and allows students to construct meaning and make sense of learning mathematics.
  • Our students are challenged to explain their solutions and make connections that allow them to own and value learning mathematics.
  • Our classrooms are safe and engage students in learning mathematics through discussion and sharing ideas.
  • As teachers, we engage students using resources, tools, and technology to solve mathematically rich, real-world problems that meet the needs of a diverse population of learners.


At Linder, we establish routines and procedures to build successful student scientists. A successful experience in science begins with how to be an active scientist, how to speak scientifically, and how to communicate scientific thinking and data. Linder teachers use Stages of Inquiry that allow them and students to work together as a team to work through concepts. At first the teacher demonstrates and guides the lesson. Ultimately the students gain the confidence to construct independent investigations.

Our science curriculum includes a study of the following:

  • Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Sun, Earth, and Moon System
  • Space
  • Organisms and Environments
  • Technology

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum includes the study of history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, sociology, and culture.