Student Clubs at McCallum

McCallum High School has a variety of clubs and organizations for students.  Listed below are some of those organizations.  Contact the sponsor for more information on a particular club.

Club Sponsor Meeting Time/Location Description 
Anxiety/Social Anxiety Tim Bjerke Mondays at lunch in Room 153 This group is a student led, student-centric group. We share what has worked for us. The group is small, so if you want to stop by and hang back and listen, that is fine. This group is confidential. No one is in the room at the same time. We can talk about issues that participants choose.
Art Society (National Art Honor Society) Bill Cauthern/Jeff Seckar-Martinez Thursdays at lunch in Room Art 1 in the MAC As a National Art Society chapter, students work to fulfill community service hours that help promote the visual arts in the school and in our community. We curate art shows, volunteer for public art exhibits, and build a close art community through social activities and group events. The Art Society welcomes all students interested in the visual arts.
AV Club Ken Rogers Tuesdays, 4:30, Room 110 Lab Students interested in film and television.
Ballet Foklorico Dance Team Juana Gun Tuesdays, 4:30-6 PM in Room 164 & cafeteria We learn traditional dances from Mexico. We have costumes that represent the states of Jalisco, Chlapas, Vera Cruz, Nuevo Leon, and Nayarit. We perform for schools, day cares, and businesses all over the city in Austin. It is great exercise and a great experience sharing the music and culture of Mexico.
Blue Brigade Drill Team Nancy Honeycutt Tryouts in the Spring We perform at football games and pep rallies.
Board Game Club Scott Pass Every Wednesday after school in Room 118. Students meet to play various board games. All levels welcome.
Cheerleaders Chastity Colbert Tryouts are held in the spring.  We perform at volleyball, basketball, football games and pep rallies
Cheese Joseph Carcione TBD Once a month Students eat and discuss cheeses from around the world.
Camping Club Katie Carrasco Wednesdays at lunch in Room 114 Learn about the outdoors and get out to explore and have fun!
Chess Club Scott Pass Thursdays at 4:30 in Room 118 The club meets to play chess and discuss strategy.
Computer Science Club Scott Pass Thursdays at 4:30 in Room 118 To educate each other on how computers work, learn programming together, and work on related projects
Creative Writing Club Jane Farmer, Co-Sponsor Fridays after school in the library All levels and types of writers are welcome - poets, novelists, screen writers, diarists, etc. We spend time writing and sharing our work at each meeting.
Fashion Club Mary Ghazi Meets after School every other Wednesday 4:30 pm, Art 2 in the MAC Student review current and past fashion trends, work on a designated community activity.  Support the Annual Fashion Show Crew during the Fashion Show production in the Spring.
Figure Drawing Club Jeff Seckar-Martinez Every Wednesday after school from 4:20- 5:20  (Any foreseen cancellations will be announced in Mr. Martinez's class by Tuesday) This student run organization is an opportunity to help understand and practice drawing the human form.  Students model for each other and engage in timed drawings.  Students can help build their portfolio and practice their drawing skills and supplement what is learned in class.  All students are welcome to participate and can bring props to use or interesting outfits to wear when modeling for the group.
Football Charles Taylor Every Day (Field House) UIL Sport
French Club Melinda von Rosenberg Thursdays every other week (on A Days) at lunch, Room 165 Meeting with friends to talk, eat lunch, enjoy desserts, watch French clips, listen to French songs, speaking both French and English; other activities for various French holidays.
Gender Identity  Tim Bjerke Every Friday at lunch in Room 153 We got a great boost when Austin ISD added Gender Identity and Gender Expression to protected classes for AISD employees and students. We talk about issues that students bring up. This group is confidential. It’s a good place to talk about strategies.
Key Club Community Service Tim Bjerke We communicate through Facebook most of the time. We have meetings about once a month or so. If you have Facebook, search for McCallum Key Club 2015-2016 This is a group that provides volunteers with community service projects. Occasional meetings. We work for Dell Children’s Hospital, Texas Book Club, and other events. There is some event almost every weekend. Members receive a t-shirt and a transcript of their volunteer hours accepted by most schools. There are many leadership opportunities as well.
Lacrosse (Boys) Susan Ashton   Non –UIL sport
Lacrosse (Girls) Chris Purkiss Off campus on Mon-Thursdays Non –UIL sport
Latin Nicholas Martin

ad hoc

Room 163

Promote Latin and encourage camaraderie among students
MAC Book Club Jane Farmer Meets once a month in the library; various days & times We pick a book, read it, and meet to talk about it. And eat snacks. And laugh a lot.
MAC Fit Club Lorie Campbell Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-8:30 am in the Big Gym weight room A place to come make new friends, work out, and learn some new and innovative ways to become more fit. e.g. Suspension weight training with suspension straps to train like Navy Seals. Traditional weight training, HIIT training, Cardio, flexibility, and nutritional education as well.
Mac Dolls Amy Bujacz Wednesdays 4:15-5:45 pm in the Science Hallway or Outside Parking Lot between the baseball & softball fields Open to any girl wanting to dance. 
Magic: The Gathering Card Game Club Stephen Burnette Every Thursday after school till 5:30 pm, in Room 129 The club serves as a place and time for all students who enjoy playing the card game Magic: The Gathering. Most games are free form but tournament play for bragging rights is possible in the near future. Students are encouraged to bring their own decks, but there is a community chest of donated decks that students can use to play if they do not have their own decks.
McCallum Circus Arts Club Scott Pass Fridays at Lunch in Room 118. Students meet to juggle and other activities related to circus tricks
McCallum Climbing Club Eric Wydeven Thursdays, 6-8 pm.
Primary meeting location: North Austin Rock Gym
Secondary meeting location: South Austin Rock Gym (Dates announced at regularly scheduled North Gym club meetings)
McCallum Climbing Club allows students an opportunity to learn how to rock climb. We begin with basic climbing movement & strength and endurance training, but as the year progresses, we will begin to learn safety techniques involved with roped climbing. There is a monthly fee (paid to the Austin Rock Gym) of around $35. This covers gym fees and allows McCallum students unlimited access to both gyms and the services they offer. The club emphasizes safety and learning to climb safely as students gradually move out of the gym and into Austin’s Greenbelt, which offers multiple sport climbing opportunities.
McKnight's Society Elida Bonet Wednesdays at lunch in Portable P-13 Community service activities
Model UN Greg Anderson Every Thursday 4:30-5:30 in Room 116 A club that discusses current events and world issues.
National Honor Society Jane Farmer, Sarah Noack By Invitation A club that discusses current events and world issues.
Philosophy Club Eric Crawford Mondays after school in Room 106 For the student who is interested in thinking about life’s big questions, this club explores some of the fundamental issues which have occupied some of the greatest minds in Western history.
Public Art Club Greg Anderson Every Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 A club interested in creating and viewing art. 
Radio Broadcast Club Ken Rogers Mondays, 4:30, Room 110-Lab Students interested in being radio DJ's.
Remote Control Club Nick Bisbee Tuesdays at 4:20 pm To have fun with remote operated cars and to promote the hobby
Role Playing Game Club Dave Insel Fridays in Room 153 4:20-5:30 pm We play Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Fate, and other tabletop role playing games that use pen, paper, and dice
Shakespeare Club Diana Adamson Every other Monday 4:30-5:30 pm All things Shakespeare
Show Off Club Scott Pass Fridays at 4:45 -6:15 pm in Room 118 To discuss and participate in areas of physical fitness including gymnastics, aerobatics, strength training
Spectrum Tim Bjerke Every Wednesday at lunch in Room 153 McCallum’s LGBTQ group. Meet new friends and allies and spend lunch with a group some people might be more comfortable with than other groups. You don’t have to be LGBTQ to participate. Everyone is welcome.
Student Council Stephanie Stanley Every other Wednesday at 8:30 am in Room 115  
Ultimate Frisbee Club Christopher Purkiss Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 at Brentwood Elementary school fields Ultimate, originally known as ultimate Frisbee, is a no-contact team field sport played with a flying disc. The Ultimate club is open to all, new and experienced players welcome. Players can participate in club events as well as represent McCallum HS during the high school tournament season, which is in late-March/early-April.
Video Gamers Club Paul Schuler Wednesday during lunch in Room 119 Talk about today’s games and “old school” games, discuss the history behind games like the Atari game ET, learn how games have developed over time, and to play “old school” games on the PC.
Young Democrats Katie Carrasco Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 in Room 114 To further educate and bring awareness to MAC students of current political topics as well as voter registration initiative