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ATTENTION McCallum Parents:

We have a new web tool that we have begun to use at McCallum, it is called Naviance. Through Naviance, parents and students will have a one stop shop for postsecondary information, as well as, secondary updates. This is also where you can see what college recruiters are visiting McCallum and sign up to attend. Take the time to log on to Navaince using this link.   

Login Username: student ID# Password: student birthday mm/dd/yy (including slashes)

Once on the site, be sure to clik on "My Profile" and undate your email address. We have already begun sending notices about Early College Start, SAT and ACT registration and other important information to students and parents who's emails we have. Don't miss another important date, log on today!!

ACC Early College Start

Find out how to enroll in the Early College Start program at ACC. To learn more about the program and how to enroll, watch this 4 minute video.

The Texas Colleges Common application is now on-line, apply at Begin your application now! Remember to have your essay(s) proofread.

Download/print your Count Down to Graduation and College Handbook (PDF)

Download/print Example Resumes(MS Word Doc)

Download/print College Readiness Standards (PDF)

Paperwork for Your Files:

These are MS Word Documents/Forms. Please open, fill out and save. Please print a copy and give it to your counselor.


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