Cinematic Arts

Cinematic Arts Majors are presented with numerous opportunities to participate in all aspects of film with renowned teachers and working professionals in the field. Former and current students' films have been selected for Cannes and SXSW, and one recent graduate was hired directly out of high school to work on a film crew in New Zealand.

The Cinematic Arts department participated in the first-ever University Interscholastic League film competition in 2014. This first year of juried competition, one student film was named a UIL state semi-finalist and another student film earned a spot in the UIL State Finals and was premiered at the Paramount Theater.

Prescribed Course Plan and Requirements
  • Cinematic Production in 9th grade
  • Advanced Cinematic Production in 10th grade
  • Practicum I in 11th grade
  • Practicum II in 12th grade
  • Acting in 9th or 10th grade
  • Technical Theatre in 10th or 11th grade
  • A/V Club: 50% minimum participation 9th – 12th grade
  • Senior capstone project in 12th grade