Track Your Students Attendance & Grades

Ever wonder if your student is tardy or absent and didn’t mention it? More importantly, did you see your student’s progress report or report card before it “got lost in the mail”? Put all of your wonders and worries to rest with TEAMS Parent Self-Serve through The Parent Cloud. You can also have access to assignments, and notes put in by the teachers about grades, assignments and attendance.

The new TEAMS Parent Self-Serve is now Available

In previous years, parents had access to Grade Speed. The new program is TEAMS Parent Self-Serve. This is what you will be accessing through The Parent Cloud. TEAMS updates in real time, which means that as soon as a teacher submits attendance, notes or grades into TEAMS, you have access to them. Everything now is in one easy to use system.

TEAMS Parent Self-Serve (PDF)


Creating a Parent Cloud Account

Parents/Guardians can access TEAMS Parent Self-Serve via the Parent Cloud to monitor their student’s grades and attendance. Go to to sign up for an account. If you previously had a Grade Speed account, you cannot use the same log in information. You will be setting up a new account. For step by step instructions go to:

Creating a Parent Cloud Account (PDF)

If you have concerns about grading or attendance, please contact your student’s teacher. Each teacher has their own method of grading and posting grades to their gradebook. If you have questions about TEAMS or The Parent Cloud please contact Andrea Rogers the data processor at 512-414-7519. If you are unable to log in or create an account, please contact the Parent Help Line at 512 414-9187.

We look forward to assisting you and your student achieve educational success at McCallum High School.