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Welcome to our Technology Page



Ipads in the classrooms

In January, each grade level was issued 4 ipads to use in the classrooms. Students will explore various educational websites and teachers will provide opportunities for students to use the Ipads to create products.


Over the summer, we received 6 new printers. Now every classroom is equipped with a printer!



Presentation Carts

All teachers in grades K - 6 now have either an Innovation Station OR a presentation cart.
The presentation carts consist of Epson mulitmedia projectors and Lumens document cameras. Now teachers can connect their laptops to the projectors and teach utilizing multimedia presentations. Document cameras allow teachers to place papers, books, or 3D objects under the camera and have them projected on a large screen for the entire class to see simultaneously. No need to make plastic transparencies anymore! The document cameras also take pictures and record video.


Lumens document camera and Epson projector


Netbook COWS


Pease recently received two computer carts containing 20 ASUS netbooks in each cart. The carts are known as COWS (Computers on Wheels). Teachers can check out a cart and roll it to the classroom. The netbooks run the Windows 7 operating system.


blue cowcow2

Innovation Stations

innnovation station

As part of the 2008 AISD Technology Bond Package, 6 innovation stations were recently installed in Pease classrooms. 3 stations were installed in May, and 3 were installed in August. The station includes a ceiling mounted projector, a large viewing screen, and a cart which houses a PC, document camera, wireless mouse and keyboard, and Lightspeed Audio system. The teachers use the innovation stations to teach lessons, show videos, and have students lead presentations. All 6 teachers have spent time in district training during the summer and hands on training during the school year. Ask your teacher (or child) about the innovation station.


Check out the Computer Lab

We have 24 student iMacs and one teacher iMac connected to a projector and speakers. We also have 2 printers for printing student work. Thanks to generous parent donations, teachers have 2 scanners to use for scanning student work.

Check out the Pease Computer Lab website. It contains links to grade level and age appropriate websites for our students. New links are always being added. If you know of an educational website you would like to see added to the site, please contact the webmaster.


projector screen teacher computerbobcat computersprinter


Our school uses Learning.com to develop technology skills and enhance learning across the curriculum. Students learn to select the right technology tool for any project. Learning.com teaches computer skills through interactive lessons and core-curriculum based activities. All students at Pease have learning.com accounts. If you need a username and password for your child, please contact the webmaster.

pearson success net

Pearson Success Net is our interactive Math website. Pearson uses interactive videos, activities, and quizzes that directly connect to the Math lessons taught in class. To log in to Pearson at home, please contact your child's math teacher for your child's username and password.


Brainpop and Brainpopjr are two great new websites for our students. Brainpop offers videos and activities for grades 4 - 8 and Brainpopjr is appropriate for grades K -3. Children can access these websites at home from 7:30 - 5:30p.m. To login, go through the www.peaselab.weebly.com website.