2011-2012 Highlights

5th Grade Class of 2012


Four Students Accepted to Magnet Programs

Two 5th Grade girls were accepted to the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. They are Elly Gonzalez and Mayrin Silva. Mikayla Conely and Seph Harris were accepted into the Fulmore Magnet Program. Seph also was accepted for Kealing, but chose Fulmore. Congratulations young ladies!



The following students did a great job of representing our school at the Regional Science Fair on Saturday, February 25th: First Place: Cydney Placker, 3rd grade; Helena Weatherford, 4th grade;Abigail Davis, 5th grade. Second place:  Farris Bataineh, 4th grade; Emily Perez, 5th grade; Brenda Harris, 5th grade; Frances Parra, 4th grade; Carisma Cantu, 5th grade; Jacob Goodwin, 4th grade; Third Place: Anne Katula, 4th grade.

Congratulations to all these students and thank you for your hard work!

Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Megan Kinback,
Sunset Valley Elementary Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Kinback has been a teacher for 9 years. Before coming to Sunset Valley she taught at Pecan Springs, Palm and Houston.

Her proudest moment was the day she was contacted by a former student who is attending the Ann Richard's School. That student's assignment was to interview and write about a successful woman who had changed her life.


Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

The book, A History of Sunset Valley Elementary is now available for sale for $10. It includes 36 pages of interesting information and photos.

Stop by the school office to purchase or call 414-2392
or email mbell2@austinisd.org

One way to honor Sunset Valley's 40th Anniversary is to help purchase a book for the school library. This lasting gift will help the school for many years to come. Click for more information and to donate.

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New Staff
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