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join SSV parent yahoo groupJoin the Sunset Valley Yahoo group. Parents, volunteers, and the school use this list to send reminders about upcoming events, plan after-school play dates, and discuss volunteer opportunities. Click to join the Sunset Valley Group.

Parent Self Serve (PSS) Application

AISD is pleased to announce our new Parent Self Serve (PSS) application. This new application replaces the ParentConnect/Gradespeed system that parents have used in the past. A major benefit of the new PSS is the ability to retrieve “real time” grades and attendance for their children. Parents can view assignment grades, class averages, attendance information, email teachers, and even update their phone number and email addresses from within this new portal. It is recommended that each parent or guardian should have their own account and not share their login information with their child, as a new Student Self Serve (SSS) application is also available to allow students to look up their own information. In order to access the PSS, simply login to the AISD ParentCloud (or create a new account) at

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