Teacher Tools

The 2011-12 school year ushers in changes to the Instructional Support for technology in AISD classrooms. Many of the roles previously performed by the Educational Technology Department are now a part of the new Instructional Support Technology Specialists' (ISTS) position.

Each K-12 vertical team has been assigned an ISTS to facilitate the student and staff use of technology. In addition to the ISTS, every campus has been assigned a Field Tech from the Technology Department to fix hardware and software issues that hinder superior use of technology in the classroom. Together, the ISTS and Field Techs will take that extra step to insure that the technology works and that teachers have an avenue for training to use it appropriately.

Options for training can be found through the Professional Development Center’s eCampus and online tutorials are available. Some campuses staff a full-time or part-time technology specialist to support campus needs.

An online forum has been used in the past by teachers to share and collaborate on technology issues. There will be a new forum coming in 2011-12 that will replace the previous version.

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