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The Educational Technology Resource Contact (ETRC - formerly called the ITRC) serves as the conduit between the Department of Educational Technology and the campus. In most cases this is a classroom teacher, but some are full time Technology Specialists. The ETRC’s leadership is critical and fills a communication gap that may exist between the teachers and the central technology support staff. IT has budgeted money to pay the ITRC for specific jobs done outside the duty day. This is not nearly enough to compensate for all the work they do, in addition to their regular duties. In order to receive this supplemental pay, the ETRC will document the work done and submit the proper paperwork to ET.

What is the ETRC?
The ETRC is expected to keep the staff informed about issues related to classroom technology. The ETRC duties include:

  • Campus Technology Committee – Organize and lead minimum of three meetings.
  • Conduct Campus Training on CyberSafety
  • Contact person for campus computer deployments
  • Facilitate completion of Teacher and Campus STAR Chart
  • Campus Technology Plan – Monitor current plan, facilitate development of next year’s plan.
  • Model technology integration and be a campus technology advocate.
  • Present AISD electronic resources to the campus staff.
    • BrainPop (K-8)
    • Tech (K-8)
    • Discovery Streaming (K-12)
    • Atomic Learning (K-12)
    • Nettrekker DI
  • Coordinate Tech Literacy Assessments (5th and 8th)
  • Facilitate teacher and student access to district server space
  • Attend ITRC Staff Development Day in September and May

What the ETRC is NOT:
The ETRC is not the campus Help Desk. The focus is instructional and there is not an expectation that the ETRC will “fix computers” or do campus wide maintenance and upgrades. Staff should use the HEAT Self Service work order system to resolve technical problems. (Note: Except in cases where the ETRC is also the paid campus tech support person.)

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