Teacher Tools

The AISD Educational Technology Approach

AISD is in a period of transition from a fixed desktop approach for classroom computing, to a mobile classroom environment.  A reliable, consistent, adequate, efficient infrastructure supporting all mobile computing devices including laptops, netbooks, tablets. smart-phones, and other emerging handheld devices, is the future of technology access for classrooms in AustinISD.

How can we afford this?

The 2008 Technology Bond Program provided a laptop for every teacher, 2000 classroom Innovation Stations and refreshed computer labs at elementary and secondary campuses. The next phase of the bond program will roll-out "netbook"  (mini-laptops) computers to each campus. The netbooks will be deployed in traditional mobile labs or COWS (Computers On Wheel.)Wewill also explore installing 5-10 netbooks in classroom stations. This model replaces the previous 3-5 desktops per classroom.  The mobile technology will take advantage of AISD's district wide wireless network.

Austin ISD also receives Technology Allotment funds.

These funds are used for:

  • Campus technology support 20 additional District Techs
  • District Educational Technology support
  • District software licenses
  • District online subscriptions
  • ETRC supplemental pay
  • Professional Development - Teacher Sessions

The AISD Classroom of the future:

-1 teacher laptop

-1 printer

-1 classroom presentation system (Innovation Station)

-1 desktop computer

-Mobile device access as needed for any class project, online testing and general student technology use. Available in a mobile lab (COW) or mobile devices assigned to each classroom.

Moving to the Clouds

The expansion of web based technology has increased the capability of browser based applications and decreased the reliance on client based (hard drive based) computing. The goal is 24/7, anywhere, anytime access, from any device. All your data, all your resources available with the ability to easily communicate, share information and collaborate.

Classroom Multimedia Systems -Projectors, Document Cameras, Sound Systems

The AISD Innovation Station (iStation) is a networked multimedia cart, that will deliver media from streamed sources as well as traditional DVD, with push button controls, an integrated sound system and mounted projector. The Innovation Station is a permanent install to a specific classroom, they are not easily moved. The 2008 Technology Bond program is installing 2000 of these systems.

Classroom Multimedia Systems

As we move forward with the iStation installs, there will be a period of time when not all classrooms have an integrated classroom presentation system. We will use stand-alone projectors, document cameras and speaker systems for the classrooms that do not have iStations. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a permanent system in every instructional space that needs one. This transition will take several years, and will require long term budget allocations to keep the technology current and sustain the digital tools AustinISD needs to serve our students.


Classroom Technology - classrooms are equipped with a variety of desktop computers (Mac and Windows). Each campus manages the deployment and assignment of computers and printers to specific classrooms. Most Principals rely on a a Campus Technology Committee to make decisions about where to place the technology to maximize the impact on teaching and learning. Budget and availability of new technology will always be an issue. Campuses should maximize the use of the technology they have, building capacity for expanded use.

You have access to:

  • teacher laptop
  • mobile carts containing laptop computers (PCs and/or Macs)
  • printers – One per four classrooms (Usually black/white (monochrome) with a limited color printers available for special projects.
  • digital video and still cameras
  • digital scanners
  • CD burners in computers
  • DVD players in computers
  • headphones
  • wireless access points built in
  • 6 network drops per classroom
  • Computer projectors (as campus provides)
  • Document cameras (as campus provides)
  • Student Response Systems (Qwizdom or other systems)
  • Innovation Stations (approximately one-third of each campus)
  • Access to district data systems
  • Access to online resources for students and teachers
    • Instructional resources
    • Online tutorials and skill based resources
    • Online collaborative tools
    • Opportunities for online learning
    • Student data available for teachers
    • Individual data for students to self-monitor progress
    • A single AISD entry point for all online resources/tools
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