Teacher Tools

Elementary Computer Labs

Every Elementary Campus has at least one computer lab. This is either a traditional desktop computer lab, or an equivalent mobile lab. Each campus must decide which works best for them. Physical space. Do we have an extra room for a computer lab?

Is often an issue. Campuses that do not a room for a computer lab, have an equivalent mobile computer lab.

Secondary Computer Labs

Secondary computer labs, including Career and Technology Education (CTE) labs have been updated. Secondary campuses often face space limitations when trying to open-lab general computer lab access. We expect mobile solutions will begin to solve the problem of "just-in-time" access,

Fixed Room Desktop Labs:

  • 25-35 desktop computers (PCs and/or Macs)
  • printers (black/white and/or color)
  • headphones
  • LCD projector
  • speakers

Mobile Computer Labs

  • 20-30 Laptop Computers (Mac or Win)
  • Able to handle multimedia editing and publishing
  • Mobile Lab - Cart
  • AISD wireless network

Netbook Mobile Labs (COWS)

  • 20-30 mini-laptops (NetBooks, ePads)
  • Team cart or classroom locker
  • AISD wireless network


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